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The Long Gun books are relaxing, engaging, fun reads with the tiniest bit of the consequence of cowboy ethics.

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The signing at the Horse Expo went well. I met a lot of great people.

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Welcome to This is the site for the new Western Novels "Long Gun - Day of Consequence" and up coming "Long Gun - Intruder on Dust Creek."

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Long Gun - Day of Consequence Synopsis

Long Gun – Day of Consequence defines the lot of a frontier child striving for manhood. On July 4th, 1876, in the San Joaquin Valley of California, fatherless, five-year-old Jimmy Longhon, without malice or for-thought, avenges the death of his best friend, Cisco the elder. Jimmy innocently shoots Baxter Boreen.  Evading the influence of the dodgy reputation he inadvertently earned as a child, he seeks a trouble-free life. As luck would have it he does survive. He follows the path of a weathered, trail savvy cowpuncher with quiet, honorable, intensity. Only a cowboy would persevere and prevail over the consequences brought on by his escapades and transgressions. Tolerating numerous stumbling blocks he ultimately marries the love of his life, Elsie Cutchel. She, of course, discovers an early romance that supposedly bore him a daughter 200 miles away in the Pueblo de Los Angeles. Over the course of 113 years in the Wild West, he traverses a labyrinth of love, hate and adventure along the dusty, bygone roads of California. The Spanish ease their dominion. The cowboys stake their claims. The story culminates in one more act of random kindness to Little Walt, his life long antagonist.

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